Firefox iPad to be available as Firefox for iPad Junior was announced by Mozilla

Those who enjoy browsing on the Mozilla Firefox browser for notebooks and desktops along with the Android Version of Firefox might not feel good here to end up waiting longer in order to download the Firefox browser for there iPads.  So far, the only foray for the Firefox iPad had been Mozilla’s Firefox Home. Learning the fact that this app is just a simple organizational tool, which only manages the running apps and allows to switch between them easily there is no special excitement in the Apple Store. iPad users enthusiasm came down to disappointment after finding out that the Firefox iPad app download which they expected to be the best Mozilla iPad browser turned into just a Firefox home app.

Firefox iPad Seekers Had To Wait for Mozilla’s Announcement  

Mozilla seems to be doing something special while developing its Firefox iPad browser keeping its eyes off for its demand in the Apple Market. Being clear on the fact for the availability of a Firefox iPad user agent quite soon, Mozilla developers seem to be working hard on the apps interface without thinking about giving it a quick launch in the Apple Store. This could result in a powerful splash as there had been several iPad browsers floating in the Apple Store for a few years including the Chrome App and the two Opera Apps for iPads. The Firefox iPad browser app didn’t take part in this race so it is clear that its launch in the Apple store should be no less than a boom in the Apple market.

Mozilla has an added advantage of being part of some other mobile platform so there is no doubt that it has enough grounds to make its way to the Firefox iPad with a blast as soon as it hits the App Store.  Moreover Firefox had been ruling on various platforms and devices for over two years so as a matter of fact the Firefox developers are well aware of the customer satisfaction tactics.

As per the complaints reported by the early Android Firefox users it was found that the browser had a slow overall loading time, from start to even slow loading pages as compared to other browsers. The entire idea of the mobile computing relies on one basic fact – People want to access all their stuff on the go, anywhere and everywhere and there device interface must be faster and reliable, so a Firefox iPad apps slow performance would rank it lower in a competition where time is given more value. So, to outsmart its rivals Firefox iPad browser ought to be light on memory consumption with faster loading times in order to be on top of other browsers.


Firefox iPadMobile device users are generally using their device for different purposes than home/notebook computer users are. These devices are for things like entertainment or minimal business tasks like checking email, maybe writing short emails or instant messages occasionally. The Firefox iPad and Firefox iPhone apps have to be different than the bulkier browsers people install on computers.

The only reason for the popularity for Mozilla’s Firefox browser was its reliability along with much less memory usage.  A wide range of audience accepted it due to its customizable features with an enormous number of highly useful extensions one could make use of, offered by Mozilla or other freelance developers, and an added advantage of having an open source browser interface. This browser could easily be transformed into a HTML coding platform for the webmaster along with offering features to get a full control over Facebook/Twitter and other social media sites.  All these features would act as a Big Plus in the launch of the Firefox iPad app as it was quite popular before it came into the mobile market, however at the same time the other fact cannot be denied that those same Firefox lovers would not enjoy the same user experience that they used to.

Also, the Firefox iPad app download would not have those add-on features which are available in the Android Play Store, if so not originally. This ability to full customize Firefox was a feature so good that the Firefox browser became highly popular along with stellar feedbacks by the tech reviewers. The best part being here is the freedom for the user to dictate his own internet experience, while playing along the browsers wide ranging features gives its own feeling of customer satisfaction.

Firefox iPad controls will be melted into the background for better user experience

To be honest there are no such chances that the Firefox iPad app would make into its first launch with multiple add-ons and extensions, however as these features had become the lifeline for the Firefox popularity so the Firefox developers do have a reason to incorporate them into later versions if they just do an initial app launch in the start. As these developers are always working behind so the Firefox iPad tweaks and twists will always be ongoing in the backgrounds to make sure there are more smiling users.

Currently, it would be enough to expect the first versions of the Firefox iPad to be small apps that would just enable you to give you a big, easy to read web page interface. As always Firefox iPad browser functionalities would be available under the hood. Controls would simply melt off the screen to view the whole page easily. The Firefox iPad app would act as an excellent tool to check mails, read news and browser over your daily activities with a crystal clear page view in conjunction with a high speed and powerful computing capability.

There will also be a Flash for iPad capability added to the Firefox iPad in a small corner of the app. Customers were not very satisfied after the launch of iPad and iPad 2 with no specific Flash ability and screamed to fulfill their demands for flash movies, games and other flash compulsory animations. However, the Firefox iPad will make sure to fulfill this demand in their first launch for the iPad because if they are here for business than flash is going to give them business.  Customer’s are now used to Firefox functionalities and its other benefits for accessing internet content on a wider range.

Mozilla is still in its personal discussion about its release of the Firefox iPad app owned by the company, even it hinted its intentions of not releasing the new version of its extremely popular browser for the Apple Store; however demands reveal that the company would never miss such a huge opportunity to launch its product in a premium market. Sometime back Mozilla even released some beta versions of Firefox for few platforms it had been testing, one of which being the Fennec browser for Windows Mobile. By the end, this does not look like a Firefox iPad browser would ever think in this way, when the Mozilla Giant has a clear road to hit the market which already has a reputed picture in the form of the Firefox iPad Junior.


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  1. Sabha says:

    Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there’s some inersett in it out there! I’m working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric

  2. Prodip says:

    Firefox iPad is the best of congenial digital mini browser.
    It is most important and essential for the small data or file download. All of new user and upcoming user must like Firefox iPad. So it can attract new user to use internet and download file or data.
    That means it is also a best mini browser now a days.

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