Firefox for iPad Introducing New Firefox Browser for iPad

The Announcement of the New Firefox iPad Browser

Now you can enjoy the leisure of Firefox iPad Home on your iPod and iPad. Check out how you can get the Firefox iPad Home for your iPads. If you are an iPad enthusiast and a fan of Mozilla then learning about the Launch of Firefox for iPad would surely bring a glimpse of smile on your face. Mozilla Firefox had been a baby for Millions of internet users on their laptop’s and computers, and most of them wished to have the same Mozilla browsing experience on their iPads as well. This new Firefox for iPad can easily be downloaded from the Apple store. If you love to browse on the Firefox browser on your laptop and desktop then in no time you would experience the same thrill of browsing the web using a Firefox on your iPads. It has finally been approved for Apple iPhone and iPad and is available for free at iTunes. The Mozilla Firefox browser had been used by millions of users from all over the world and had become extremely popular over these years. And now after hitting the Apple Market as Firefox for iPad it surely is going to be a big hit as it is completely free to download and use – no strings attached.

Features of the Amazing Firefox for iPad Browser

Mozilla first originally came into light in 2004 and now as of 2014, there is a mobile version available known as Firefox for iPad that Apple users can download along with its new browser with flash feature for iPad2. A lot of people own iPads and iPad2’s or its new thinner version and wish to have a decent browser which can easily be synchronized with their other devices such as laptop or computers and the Firefox for iPad comes fully loaded with this synchronization feature to make life more easier while for those using the Firefox.

Another amazing benefit for the Firefox for iPad 2 free download is its faster and reliable connection to the internet on an iPad in terms of checking emails, downloading that entertaining stuff from iTunes, or using Facebook or Twitter. These features make the Mozilla firefox for iPad download an amazing tool as it works in exactly the same manner as it does on a computer or laptop – just made mobile for you. You can access a same copy of the website which you like on your laptop using this app on your iPads.

Firefox for iPad offers faster Internet browsing Experience

firefox for ipadFirefox for iPad is a multitasking app and one can easily play music and games along with browsing over the web. Its other great features include Java, a flash feature app for iPad and the iPad Opera, it gets better every time. One can browse faster using the Firefox for iPad as compared to other regular mobile browsers and getting better speed while browsing sales pages, or Tweeting someone on Twitter along with faster YouTube movie buffering with this feature would surely blow your mind. Once you install the Firefox for iPad you will be hooked up for any future updates for this app. This app simply solves a lot of hassles that several iPad users faced since the older iPad browser didn’t have a flash feature so this gives Firefox for iPad 10 Votes or may be much more than that. What’s Yours?



This is not all,

  • Firefox for iPad allows you to download Google and Yahoo toolbars and hook up some of the amazing add-ons like Adlblock Plus and Xmarks.
  • It also offers a Private Window for browsing your personal and private data.
  • A build in Adobe Reader plug in for easily accessing your PDF files on the Go and this all had been approved by Apple!

Firefox for iPad can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store for Free for both versions of iPads and for iPhone as well. You just need to log on to the iTunes store – search the App – Install it and You are ready to Go! This process takes a couple of minutes. Also using the Firefox Home app you can easily Synchronize all your Firefox settings with the Firefox for iPad. Firefox Home App however allows you to only download it; but you can synchronize all your bookmarks, history or tab sessions from other Firefox browser tools using this app. This brings the Firefox for iPad above from the crowd for the iPhone and iPad users. In order to use this feature one needs to download the Sync add on for Firefox for iPad app and then all the settings can be uploaded to the cloud server which can be accessed for your iPhone and iPad. As soon as it gets activated it will instantly visit the cloud and get all the required information from your Safari browser. Using this feature saves a lot of time when you have dozens of favorite websites loaded on your laptop or desktop.

The Launch of Firefox for iPad in the iTunes app store

Firefox for iPad can be easily downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. In spite be being brand new in the market this browser is expected to bring those download numbers to millions over the next coming weeks. This can easily be said as the original Firefox download for desktops and laptops made its own record with its latest versions ever since it launched in 2004. It has already undergone the testing process and has clearly revealed its ability to access the Internet more efficiently and effectively as compared to the older Safari browsers, so Firefox for iPad is surely a ‘Gift’ for the iPad users. The Firefox for iPad app is actually the first app launched in the iTunes app store by Mozilla. If you are in search of a more powerful and efficient tool for your iPhone or iPad then snatch your Apple device and log on to the iTunes Store and download this great app.

Finally the only thing remains to say is nowadays then only feature loved and accepted by everyone is speed particularly in terms of getting online and browsing, the faster the better and this feature is the hall mark of this amazing Firefox for iPad which will transform the browsing experience of all the iPad and iPhone owners using this app.

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