Comparison of Firefox for iPad with other browsers

 The new Firefox for iPad makes its way to iOS devices

The free iPad version of Firefox iPad uses the same software as the original PC web browser. Now launched for Apple devises, including the iPhone and iPod, the iOS app contains the same minimalist principles that makes Firefox one of the best web browsers available. The quality of Firefox is much better than Internet Explorer, and some say it surpasses even Google Chrome.

Prior to the release of Firefox for Apple, the only alternative browser to IE was Apples Safari. While Safari is a decent program, it lacks the functions of more popular browsers, such as Google Chrome. Firefox for iPad (Firefox Home) is available as a free download from the Apple Store. The home page of Firefox Home is user-friendly, and contains many useful features.

Unmatchable Features of Firefox iPad

There are many notable features of the new iPad version of Firefox, including the ability to view your story on the homepage, automatic synchronization of bookmarks between devises running the program and tabs that display recent sessions. A cloud platform of Mozilla backs-up your hard drives files, and provides round-the-clock internet access. However, the app itself is still in it’s early development. Consequently, there are fewer customizations and add-ons available, especially compared to the full (PC) version of Firefox.

A Secure Browser

Firefox for iPad is as secure as desktop browsers, such as Google Chrome.   Firefox Home protects user data and information with sophisticated security programs. All data stored on the iPad is safe from hackers or unauthorized access. Some people predict this app has the potential to develop into the best iPad browser available. The security and safety of the browser will only improve as Mozilla further develops this software. Future improvements could include password synching, integrating social networks, the ability to set a preferred search engine and full iOS integration.   A key advantage will be the ability to synchronize all forms of data and customization between tablets and computers also using Firefox.

Synchronization Made Easy

The ability to synchronize data between devises using Firefox iPad is an important feature. It ensures that users have access to the same data regardless of devise or location, and further users can manage said data. There are several other features that add to the functionality and utility of Firefox iPad. For example, users won’t need to type the complete URL of every website since it searches the browsing history and finds matching URLs as they are typed. This useful features is aptly called “the Awesome Bar.”

firefox for ipad image of comparisonWebpages in Firefox iPad open quickly compared to other browsing software, and shortcuts makes surfing to specific webpages easy.   However, while the app has many excellent features, it is still lacking in comparison to the full versions, and is somewhat slow.

The reason for the absence of some features on the iPad version of Firefox is due to the restriction Apple places on third-party software. All programs that access the internet on apple devises are subject to these limitation. Regardless, the options available for Firefox are similar to other iOS devises, and provide benefits to the users. According to the app’s official webpage, more features are planned for future releases and updates.

Early adopters of the iPad versions of Firefox are pleased with its performance. However, those who use Firefox on desktops and laptops prefer those versions as it is more powerful. Firefox for PC is an extremely popular browser due to its ease of use and open-source software.   The tablet version has been optimized for a tablet or smartphone’s screen size.   There are some different features for the iOS versions, but there are straightforward and easily grasped by new users.

Advantages Increased with the New Firefox for iPad

The many advantages, such as security and speed, make this app one of the most popular Apple Store downloads for web browsing. Further, the installation is simple, and does not require any changes to the tablet’s settings. There had been high demand for an iPad version of the popular Firefox browser, and this new release satisfied this need.

The app is easy to navigate and first-time users will have no trouble learning their way around Firefox’s functions. Anyone who requires a more thorough introduction to the internet can find tutorials and practice lessons on the official Mozilla webpage. Many lessons that can be found through a search on Google.   A final feature parents will find beneficial is the ability to block inappropriate websites with Firefox iPad. In conclusion, anyone who uses the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox should definitely use this new iOS version.


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