Firefox for iPad – Introducing New Firefox Browser for iPad

Download and enjoy Firefox iPad Home on your iPad and iPod … Find out how to Download Firefox for iPad Home by Mozilla. If you own an iPad and also love Mozilla, then you will be happy to know that now there is a version of Firefox for iPad now being developed. Millions of users have enjoyed the benefits of Mozilla Firefox on their computers or laptops, and have wished for it as browsers for iPad. All you have to do is do a Firefox download to get the new Firefox for iPad from the Apple store. If you love the Firefox browser for your laptop and desktop needs, then you will be thrilled to know that it is now approved for the Apple iPad and iPhone and is free at the iTunes apps store. Mozilla’s Firefox is a web browser that has been downloaded by millions of users and is very popular for usage all over the world. Now that it is available as an app for iPad, Firefox for iPad is sure to also be a huge hit, especially since it is free for use!

What are the Benefits of the New Firefox for iPad Browser

Easily Install Firefox iPad to your iPad tabletThe original Mozilla Firefox first came out in 2004, and now as of 2012, there is a version of Firefox for iPad that users can get in order to have a browser with flash for iPad2. Lots of people have iPads and iPad2s or the new iPad and need a decent browser that can also be synchronized with their other devices like their laptop or desktop, and the new version of Fire fox for iPad can do this very well and solve their problems. One of the best benefits of the Firefox for iPad 2 free download is that it will give you a faster connection to the Internet when you use your iPad to check email, download songs from iTunes, or chat on Facebook  or Twitter. This makes the Mozilla firefox for iPad download a great benefit because it is exactly the same as the version that you can use on a laptop or desktop, just optimized to work on a mobile device.  It can still do the same things and access the very same websites that you can get to or use with the laptop version of Firefox.

Firefox for iPad gives you faster Internet access

With the Firefox for iPad you can easily play games, music, or other Internet centric events and it has many different features. These include Java, a flash app for iPad and opera for iPad, along with the other things that the regular version of Firefox can do. Firefox for iPad allows much faster web surfing, which means getting on your favorite YouTube movie quicker or being able to browse sales pages, or post a note on Twitter, etc, much quicker than ever before. After you install the Firefox for iPad you will also get access to any future updates. It solves the problem many iPad users had since the old iPad browser didn’t have flash for iPad, and this makes Firefox for iPad a superior browser. Plus, the Firefox for iPad lets you be able to download tool bars from Yahoo or Google and get some of the popular add-ons like Xmarks and Adlblock Plus. Firefox for iPad also features private Internet browsing option, an Adobe Reader plug in so you can read PDF files, and it all has been approved by Apple! It is available for download in the Apple iTunes apps store free for both iPad and the iPhone. Just logon to the iTunes apps store for Apple devices and find the program and then download and install it per the included directions. It’s an easy and quick process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time! Sync up all your other Firefox settings with Firefox for iPad – The file is called FireFox Home app. It lets users not only download it, but they can then sync up any bookmarks, tabs or history from their other Firefox browser gadgets. This makes the Firefox for iPad browser even more special to all iPad and iPhone users! In order to do this function, however, you will also need to download the Sync add on for the Firefox for iPad app. Once you have downloaded Firefox for iPad and then the Sync add on for it, then you will be able to upload your settings to the cloud and then access it for your iPad and iPhone devices. When you activate it then it will go to the cloud and get the information via your Safari browser settings. This saves time since you won’t have to reenter what could be dozens of your favorite websites.

Firefox for iPad browser is launching now at the iTunes apps store

It’s not going to be hard to find and download the new Firefox for iPad browser for your iPad devices or iPhone devices. It can easily be found and downloaded at the Apple iTunes apps store. This brand new approved browser is expected to become one of the top downloads over the next few weeks since the original Mozilla FireFox downloads for laptops and desktops set a record when it came out in most of its latest versions ever since its debut in 2004. It has undergone testing and been shown to allow the iPad and iPhone to access the Internet and various websites quicker and more efficiently than the older Safari browser, so Firefox for iPad is a great benefit to iPad users. Firefox for iPad is actually the very first app that Mozilla has uploaded to the iTunes app store. So, if you want a more efficient and more powerful tool for your iPad or iPhone, then you should download the FireFox for iPad app. The bottom line is that these days the name of the game is speed and the faster you can get online and access the apps and websites that you use in your daily lives, the better off you are, and the new Firefox for iPad is an app that can accomplish that goal for iPad and iPhone users. Visit here for more information about the new Firefox Junior browser.

Author: Peter Kent


iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 Unveiled Today

iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 Announced

During the next few months, we have been expecting several important launches form tech giants. However, the most important of these new launches happen to be the two flagship products of the company, iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. Usually an Apple mobile device is the one equipped with the most advanced specs and most exciting applications available to the users. While exact release dates of these devices are unknown as yet, there are a lot of rumors circulating over the internet. It is also said that the company might launch a few more versions of the device after iPad Air launch. Besides, as per the rumors, Apple is also gearing up to launch dual versions of iPhone 6.

As per the resources, Apple is indeed releasing two versions of the upcoming iPhone, although only one will launch this fall. Different companies are racing to keep up with the demand, although the main competition remains between Apple and Samsung. The output of both opponents has been impressive so far and addictive fans as well as new people are flocking to get their hands on the products. The competition is alive and in full swing for the crown of the industry. After the popularity of company’s trademark tool iPod dwindled, the main arena of competition is smartphones and tablets, and the company still has a clear edge with its iPhone.

Hardware Specifications of the New Machines

iphone 6 and ipad air 2 unveiledNot much is known about the specs of these new machines but it easy to expect the finest ones available in the market. The company recently launched iOS 7, for Mac and other devices, which most critics and users considered a much decent versions compared to the previous ones. The data handling applications, games, music, and other aspects on this version of iOS were handled in a much better way. Besides, some bugs from the previous version were also removed which came as a breath of fresh air for the iPhone fanatics.

We can’t expect a big difference between the external design of the new and old device. However, some upgrades in the internal specs, both software and hardware, are expected. The company recently unveiled its 64-bit processor for mobile machines but it could not do much good in the presence of 1GB of RAM memory. The memory problem is expected to change on the new iPhone with RAM memory going up to 2GB. The bandwidth performance of the device is also expected to improve. Regarding the internal storage capacity, it’s hard to expect any change.

Information about the battery life was also released recently over the internet. There would hardly be any differences between the new connector and the old ones. However, according to the speculations and rumors, power capability on both machines would be improved. For instance, the new version with its 11.5 Ah battery will be able to power itself for over 10 hours while in use. In the standby mode, this duration will be extended to over 10 days. On the other hand, active battery life for iPhone 6 is expected to be 8 hours. In standby mode, the iPhone will manage over two weeks. There would hardly be any difference between the charging outlet and mechanism. Besides, charger cable, adapter and USB charging time will also probably remain the same.

Resolution and Software Specifications

iPhone 6 would most probably be equipped with improved display resolution as well. The 5.5 inch display of the new iPhone is expected to have a display resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels which is certainly impressive. It would be a delight to watch videos and play games on an HD touchscreen with this resolution. On the software side, iPhone is already stocked with some of the finest applications in the market. However, we do expect better versions of some previous applications, along with a few new surprises. We can expect to see new additions to Siri and solutions to a few existing problems.

Other than access to the usual applications for entertainment, sound, photos, voice, radio stations and news etc., it would be good if the company could improve a few things such as data transfer mechanism, particularly with the remote sharing applications. Standard applications that connect your computer with your mobile, on the Apple devices fail to impress and it would be good to allow an application which can share the good features of the existing ones at one place. This can be the ultimate solution for sharing over the web. The new machines are also expected to come with improved bandwidth which is good if you are using your phone or tablet to play games and stream videos using WiFi.

We might also see new and improved versions of usual apps to connect with family and friends. These include the apps for Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Jukebox, Maps, and various other musical and travel applications. The demand for applications to keep people connected over the internet is certainly on the rise. The new machine will have few improvements to offer since the first generation version of iPad Air launched only recently. So there would be a lot of shared features between the two. There would probably a faster and lighter Touch ID on the new tablet.

Size of the Display

There is also a rumor that the tech giant might choose to launch the next iPhone with larger display, although there is little demand from the users in this regard. If you are a game playing person, this might be refreshing news for you but an iPhone with big display would hardly be useful for any other application. Critics agree that it is quite needless to launch a new iPhone with a larger display. There is already a smaller version of the tablet device and launching an iPhone with larger screen would sort of make both devices very similar. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the new unveiling which is not very far now.

Author: Peter Kent

Best iPhone Apps for 2014

Best iPhone Apps to keep in check in 2014

We have come a long way from desktop computers and now is the age of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the domain of smartphones, iPhone is clearly the most widely used device, even though Google Android devices have also gained widespread popularity in the recent years. Considering the popularity of mobile devices, it is only natural the more emphasis is being paid on app development by the tech giants. Apple App Store and Google Android Market are well stocked with some of the finest software for the users of their devices and with the passage of time competition in this domain is constantly going up. Apps for watching YouTube videos and listening music are already one too many, so now developers have to come up with unique ideas to make their products sell and becom Best iPhone Apps for 2014.

In the recent years, third party freelance developers have gained the achievement of launching independent iOS apps and making big on the app store. Currently, large number of free applications is available for average users as well as companies. Whether you need an app for your company or just for your personal use, you can find it in the app store. Most of the widely used applications have easy and simple user interface, consume less bandwidth, and provide rich features. One of such applications for browsing the web is the new Firefox for iPad browser. You can stay completely in touch with everyone right from your handset. Over the years, some software was discontinued and some released their advanced versions because of increasing popularity.

Cloak – Being Anti-Social

bestiphoneappsfor2014Among the most popular recent iOS apps, Cloak is noteworthy as it reverses the functionality of Instagram and Foursquare. By installing this application on your set, you can remain aware of the location of all your acquaintances and can thus avoid people you don’t want to meet. It comes free of cost and provides easy installation. Additionally, you don’t need any advanced iOS version or hardware for it to work efficiently. This is clearly one of the favorite apps to be included in the best iOS apps of this year so far.

Dropbox for iPhone

In the list of most remarkable iOS apps of this year, we can also include Dropbox for iPhone which was recently launched. DropBox is one of the most popular information and data sharing platform and now that it is available on your smartphone, you can take full advantage of it. Although there are several such facilities available, Dropbox is a free app and is also easier compared to most others. For this app, you just have to create an account for yourself and start sharing data with as many people as you want. To access data, you will also need to use your account. You can also synchronize files between your computer and Dropbox account and can download files for offline viewing.

The Week UK

Another important recent application is the app version of The Week UK. This magazine is called “Twitter of Print” because it collects all the important information from different news sources and collects them in the limited space of a magazine. Users are thus enabled to remain abreast of all the news on one platform. The app offers a trial version for 14 days and to have access to the full version, you need subscription which is certainly worth it. This remarkable app is bound to be popular among people who like to remain in touch with world affairs from their iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Kindle or just about any mobile device.

RunKeeper – Jogging and Fitness

If you like to run or jog regularly, then a new remarkable app that you should right away install on your phone is RunKeeper. This amazing application remotely calculates your jogging route using GPS and also keeps track of your pace and the calories burnt. The operating system requirements are not advanced and you have the detailed report of your exercise in proper user interface on your smartphone. You can create a login and enter your exercise details manually. This one is also available free of any cost.

PhotoSynth – Photography

There are a lot of apps for photography buffs on the Apple Store and a great new addition happens to be PhotoSynth app. This new application is quick and has a very simple user interface. This is mainly dedicated to panorama photos but also provides useful additional features. Great thing about the app is that it can also work with older devices so if you have some old smartphone, you can still reach for this remarkable piece of software.

Sperm’s Journey – Gaming

Games are one of the foremost sources of total revenue generated from the Apple Store. Speaking of the gaming iOS apps, an example of a remarkable game for your iPhone is Sperm’s Journey app. This little app allows you to track the journey of a sperm through a woman’s uterus. You can collect coins along the way and increase your speed. This is certainly a very interesting take on various versions of conventional racing games and has proven to be a huge success. It provides easy installation and you don’t have to enable any extra settings to play this game. It can simply be managed by the push of a button.

TonePad – Music

For people who can’t live without music, an innovative new app is TonePad. You can download this one if you like to play with different musical instruments in digital form. Music downloaded from iTunes can be practiced on TonePad. It uses a grid based interface using which you can turn the notes on and off and can also compose your own tones. Additionally, you can share your creation online with your friends. The software also offers tips for improving your online music practice.

These are just some of the finest apps launched for the users of iPhone and iPad in the recent few months. As time passes, competition will continue to increase and more and more remarkable apps will make their way to the market. But with increasing saturation, developers will also need to apply more efforts and talent to come up with highly creative ideas for new products.

Author: Peter Kent


Apple iWatch The New Trend By Apple

Smarwatches like Apple iWatch and Future of Tech Industry

We have come a long way from the time of desktop and netbook machines. After the tablets and smartphones, the next domain of locking horns for tech giants seems to be the smart watches like the Apple iWatch. A smartwatch, other than simply showing time, will come with a wide range of applications and facilities. Users with smartwatches will have access to several specialized apps. They would also be able to connect their Apple iWatch watches with other accessories via Bluetooth and transfer data. For now, there are only initial speculations and prototypes of these smart watches, although some of the biggest tech giants including Sony and Samsung are gearing up to launch their respective smart watches. Apple has been the major player in mobile phone market with its iPhone, but the market of smartwatches is still unexplored.

Apple and iWatch

As per the industry sources, Apple has been working on a smart watch, called Apple iWatch, for quite a while and it is possible that the smartwatch will make its way to the market in a few months, even though there is no official announcement in this regard. The idea behind a smartwatch is to provide you with a computer on your wrist with a few integrated chips and a long battery life. Of course we are not talking about horse power here; only good battery to sustain long operational hours. Additionally, you will have access to sufficient content, data and apps. However, Apple will have to make haste in the launch of such a Apple iWatch device because delay would only allow the competitors to gain considerable market edge. While it has a clear upper hand in the domain of mobile accessories with its iPhone and iPad, we are not sure how Apple iWatch will fare in the presence of existing competition.

HealthBook: The Multi-Tasking Apple iWatch App

Rumors and speculations, as well as leak, abound regarding the new Apple iWatch smartwatch. This includes rumors about the physical design as well as software and hardware specs. The most important app that will virtually control all the noteworthy aspects of the smartwatch is called Healthbook. As expected from a multi-tasking app, this app enables you track almost everything of everyday importance from food and sleep to blood sugar. It goes a step ahead and even tells you how much water you have drunk. It’s possible that you would be able to protect your data with password.

A few images of the app screen were released over the internet a few days ago. From these images, it seems that there would be a lot of specs incorporated in this single all important app, the Healthbook. This app will also expand the app store of iOS and it is possible that users with their iPhones will also be able to utilize it in future. The app in combination with the Apple iWatch also helps you keep track of your blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate. All these details will be displayed in graphic form with a special user interface. According to some tech sources, this is the first instance the company will expand its business into the fitness tracking industry. There are also speculations of a curved display which eases the adjustment on the wrist.

It’s only natural that smart watches like Apple iWatch will venture into several industries because a smartwatch that only tells time is no different from an ordinary device. Features such as a truly smart look, light and low weight will also play an important role. Less pounds of weight will certainly be an additional advantage. Additionally, we can also anticipate features that are not available on computers and mobile phones. Currently, sources have revealed that the product is being tested and Healthbook app for iOS 8, the next generation version of company’s operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So far there is no information about the internal structure but we are sure its processing power will be significant because to run a smartwatch stocked with heavy apps, it will need a processor that provides sufficient power.

The app, Healthbook, is expected to be released during Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June. Soon after that, we can also expect the launch of the device itself. The fact that the developers are stressing on the fitness aspects is clear from hiring of fitness guru Jay Blahnik from Nike as well as sleep expert Dr. Roy J.E.M. The feature set will obviously lean towards fitness industry but that, of course, will not be the exclusive emphasis. We can anticipate some voice and video streaming related features as well, although small display will not be the best platform for it. We are expecting several popular and portable accessories from tech giants in the coming months other than smartphones and tablets. At this time there is also no mention of the price tag that we will find on the Apple iWatch smartwatch. A cheap product will clearly be more in demand, given little difference in the feature set. For that, we will have to wait till its official announcement.

SmartWatches: New Battleground of Apple and Android

appleiwatchimageBy the end of this year, chances are that users will have more than one option in the domain of smart watches. Several prototypes of such watches with small changes are circulating online and will soon make their way to the markets. Clearly the domain of smartwatches will be the future battle ground between Apple and Android in future. Both have moved forward from competition of providing more gb of space or move ghz of processors on their mobile devices. The arena of mobile devices nonetheless remains a competitive ground, but with smartwatches this competition will be significantly expanded. Google’s partner, Motorola, is expected to release a similar device this summer, so Apple already has its Android competition in this field.

Most probably media services such as flash youtube movies, internet browsing with Firefox iPad and music transfer will not play important role on smartwatches, unlike the existing mobile products. These watches will mainly compete on the basis of their easy interface, chip architecture, and rich app stock. The issue of price will be another important determinant. Besides, storage will also be needed to accommodate the apps on the device. It is easy to find a clip over the internet where Apple iWatch is being discussed and speculated, but so far there is no demo of the watch. The release date of Apple iWatch is also unknown for now.

Author: Peter Kent

MS Office for iPad Announced

Microsoft has announced possible launch of MS Office for iPad

Apple’s iPad and other devices are famous for their wide range of useful applications and browser selection. While they don’t have access to the browsers like the standard Mozilla Firefox for iPad, the default Safari browser of Apple devices more than makes up for it. Besides, access to several other browsing apps is available including Google Chrome. But opening online sites and dealing with documents are two different things and so one of the most conspicuously missing apps was MS Office for iPad and this is one of those apps access to which can clearly help expand the market presence of Apple devices. This is one of those applications which are users first choice to view and edit documents for free. As per the latest news, Microsoft is working on its MS Office for iPad iOS devices and this would be available on the web by July. This means that Apple devices would soon become more user-friendly when it comes to professional work, writing documents and preparing slides for presentation. You will finally have single software to view, edit and manipulate all your data. Some third party versions already exist for reading and writing simple as well as business documents but none of these versions is as efficient and as user-friendly as MS Office for iPad, which allows very limited scope for data manipulation. Besides, Office is also more efficient and incorporates a wide range of features dealing with different kinds of documents and files. In other worlds, this is particularly important for business users.

Differences in Office for iPhone and MS Office for iPad

While the new Microsoft Office might not have much use for your iPhone compared to some other apps, it certainly would be in high demand on Apple iPad tablet, almost as much as its demand on a desktop. It’s not that users don’t use Microsoft Office for reading documents and files on their iPhones. They certainly do, and that is the reason why an Office for iPhone already exists, although it is in a limited form and provides less functionality than the standard version. There is also some difference in the formats. Still, the actual advantages of the app can only be reaped on a bigger screen of a desktop or a tablet with all, or at least most, of the original formats and functionality.Thus launching the application for iPad is even more important than a similar Office launch for iPhone. It is one of the most surprising facts of the mobile devices market that Microsoft Office, which happens to be one of the most popular personal and business apps, is still missing from iPad, which is clearly the most popular tablet in the market. There has also been a lot of demand from the user base in this regard and it seems that the problem would finally be resolved in near future. This is certainly good news whether you are a student or professional user, because employing MS Office for iPad is something common to these cateogires. The solutions provided for data management in MS Office for iPad are simply the best in the industry. Other available apps have managed to only provide a part of those solutions.

msofficeforipadphotoThere are also fewer formatting restrictions on the iPhone version of Office. To start with, it does not specifically provide support for all the useful features that are found on the standard version of the software. The version for iPhone is fairly basic with support for only the essential features of the application, and it hardly includes any formatting options. In addition to that, compatibility and custom options are also lacking seriously. Besides, you also required subscription to Office 365 if you wished to use the iPhone version. With this version you only have a few edits for Word documents and Excel sheets, and no editing options are available for PowerPoint presentations. This essentially made the whole app very restricted and the true charm of the software was clearly missing. With the launch of the app MS Office for iPad, users would most probably have a wide range of system services and would be able to truly utilize the potential of this remarkable application for manipulation of data files.

Android devices are already taking advantage of this remarkable software but Apple was still lagging behind because of restrictions of third party programs in App Store. Similar restrictions have been previously faced by Mozilla Firefox for iPad browser and in the end developers had to launch an app which chopped away a lot of services found on the standard version of the browser. No support for flash applications on Apple presented another problem. But regardless of the other problems, the launch of MS Office for iPad would be a huge step forward for Apple App Store which is already equipped with wide range of useful programs. This is true not only for Apple’s mobile devices but for all other iOS devices as well. In addition to iOS, MS Office is already available for all major operating systems and networks which also increase its cross-platform ability. The importance of cross-platform ability has increased with the advent of cloud storage.

At this point, it should be noted that although the Office version for iPad would doubtless run with more useful features that the already existing version for iPhone, it still might require subscription to Office 365. This is because Microsoft would naturally prefer tapping the huge user base of iPad for Office software instead of making it freely available via the Apple App Store. Let’s see how this deal between Apple and Microsoft turns out. Besides, while the tablet version would be much better than the iPhone version, it might not offer all the features that home and business users have at the disposal on their windows machines. But even a slight improvement would also be much appreciated by the Apple tablet users. Besides, when it comes to storage, users can benefit from the cloud storage option which is the latest marvel in mobile technology and intelligence. Thanks to this, users might be able to run and edit documents from a single account using different devices.

Possible Launch Schedule of MS Office for iPad

The speculations and rumors about a version of MS Office for iPad are nothing new. It was said last year that the then CEO of Apple, Steve Balmer has ok-ed the Office arm for the development of an Office version for Apple tablet. However, less and less was known as the time passed and eventually it was thought that Microsoft has dropped any plans of doing so. But now the issue has been brought at the forefront by the latest announcement and it seems that the launch of Office for Apple machines is not very far. As per the previous rumors, Microsoft was to launch the MS Office for iPad app along with the launch of its next version of the software in the fall of 2014. However, new reports now put the latter launch much earlier, sometime in July this year.

It has been one of the goals of Microsoft to make Office app available for as many Android and iOS mobile users as possible. Office is certainly one of the most valuable and highly demanded software for professional users and access to it on Apple tablet would be appreciated by the users. Cloud sotrage would further enhance the power of MS Office for iPad, considering that cloud storage is the way to future. In contrast to the standard version used on Windows devices, it might come with option to store data on Microsoft’s cloud storage, SkyDrive. However, so far there are not any confirmed details about the MS Office for iPad app and only time will tell what we will see on it. For this, we have to keep our fingers crossed till the official launch which is expected to happen in July this year.

Author: Peter Kent

iPad Photon Browser Review Solution to Flash Content on iPad

With iPad Photon Browser flash content on iPad is possible

There are several third party browsers like the iPad Photon Browser on iPad to be used on Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone which claim to have support for flash. However, most of these apps suffer from serious setbacks or shortcomings in several ways because, in the absence of default support for this material, there are always hurdles in the way of reliable running of that content. The default software on Apple devices happens to be Safari with no such material supported. Due to this reason, over the years, several new browsing applications and accessories like the iPad Photon Browser have cropped up which, in one way or other, provide users access to this material.

This iPad Photon Browser, also called flash browser sometimes, is one such app which provides access, in many cases quite reliable, to thousands of flash web pages and video content. Among all the apps  which you are able to use audio and video material, this one is probably the best, and there are several reasons for iPad Photon Browser being the best. Of course, even after being the best, there are minor problems that you would face, but the overall feature set of the application is laudable and easy to operate. This installed software might not be viable for heavy graphical use, but it sure is sufficient for light use, including games.

ipadphotonbrowserreviewimageSince it is not possible to directly install flash on your iPad or iPhone, the iPad Photon Browser takes a different way to make this possible. The mechanism runs on the remote computer interactions, using which your local tablet is connected to a remote computer which can run flash. The files can then easily be run using the distant machine. It might seem a bit tricky but it is easier than you might think with the new iPad Photon Browser. But the thing is that this might somewhat decrease the speed of streaming videos and the user interface is also not very friendly, but the overall experience is not bad at all.

Streaming flash videos with the iPad Photon Browser

To use the video content with iPad Photon Browser, you have to tap the lightning bolt icon which is on the bottom right corner of the app. This would initiate the streaming distant desktop session and you would be able to use the required documents and enjoy the interactivity. After you’ve established the connection and the information starts flowing, the rest is pretty similar to normal surfing. In past, this software has performed very well offering more than a million videos and it certainly is becoming a more popular program among the iPad users.

There are of course certain features that distinguish iPad Photon browser from other similar apps. The power of this system is certainly more than the other because of its presentation and supports. For instance, access to Hulu is also supported which otherwise blocks the mobile net surfing apps. But while Hulu can be accessed, the quality of videos deteriorates to some extent in the process and the playback is not so great. But still, it is more than just bearable and besides, it is quite secure. Whether you are using the software on your phone or PC, the security is not bad.

Things are rather better over WiFi compared to 3G. While there are certain minor problems with the iPad Photon Browser project, the overall look is improving with time. Watching videos using the distant desktop is a bit tricky because on Hulu you have onscreen buttons which are accessed by the mouse using your finger, in the absence of any drag and drop option for videos. But the thing is that there is no mouse available on your iPads so you have to apply a different mechanism. When you make the connection over the distant desktop, a virtual mouse is provided but you still can’t make free movement.

Other than videos and audio items, people are generally interested in games. People particularly love games with friends and there are countless such games which you can search from Google. Of course the iPad Photon Browser can run these games, but as mentioned earlier, the experience is not as good as one might expect. But for your money it sure is quite reliable. But there are minor key problems here too. For example, some games require arrow keys to be used on their page, but these keys are not available on iPad. Besides, it is also not easy to type. So these minor problems and questions about the iPad Photon Browser continue to persist. But hopefully, these issues would be addressed in future versions of the software.

Before you purchase the actual version of the iPad Photon Browser and pay the dollars, you can play around with the beta version. For remotely accessing the required material, it rewards your patience by providing pretty decent experience, although not great. But it sure is a smart option when you have to get the required source for interactive material and stop craving for it uselessly. Hopefully, soon better and more updated versions would follow where the issues would be resolved.

iPad Photon browser establishes the remote connection using various applications including Teamviewer. With this, you can also get any other document from the distant computer. Other than that, we also need to give some comments about the rest of the remarkable features of this software. Its language is of course English and you can use it on devices other than Apple tablet, such as Motorola and Android devices.

iPad Photon browser offers over ten of other usual features such as full screen surfing, private browsing, offline reading, bookmarks etc. The default speed is very good; in fact it can sometimes reach higher than Safari or Firefox for iPad. But it slows down to some extent while viewing videos. So if you want to indulge in a sale, like selling or shipping something via eBay or talking on PayPal, it would be better to do that while you are not using flash. The fee that you have to pay for using the iPad Photon Browser is $3.99. So while this app is surely not as fast as the photons or laser, it does provide a decent browsing experience. For all those people who have this no-flash problem with their iPads, this iPad Photon Browser software is highly recommended.

Author: Peter Kent