Firefox for iPad – Introducing New Firefox Browser for iPad

Download and enjoy Firefox iPad Home on your iPad and iPod … Find out how to Download Firefox for iPad Home by Mozilla. If you own an iPad and also love Mozilla, then you will be happy to know that now there is a version of Firefox for iPad now being developed. Millions of users have enjoyed the benefits of Mozilla Firefox on their computers or laptops, and have wished for it as browsers for iPad. All you have to do is do a Firefox download to get the new Firefox for iPad from the Apple store. If you love the Firefox browser for your laptop and desktop needs, then you will be thrilled to know that it is now approved for the Apple iPad and iPhone and is free at the iTunes apps store. Mozilla’s Firefox is a web browser that has been downloaded by millions of users and is very popular for usage all over the world. Now that it is available as an app for iPad, Firefox for iPad is sure to also be a huge hit, especially since it is free for use!


Benefits of the New Firefox for iPad Browser

Install Firefox  for iPad to your iPad tabletThe original Mozilla Firefox first came out in 2004, and now as of 2012, there is a version of Firefox for iPad that users can get in order to have a browser with flash for iPad2. Lots of people have iPads and iPad2s or the new iPad and need a decent browser that can also be synchronized with their other devices like their laptop or desktop, and the new version of Fire fox for iPad can do this very well and solve their problems. One of the best benefits of the Firefox for iPad 2 free download is that it will give you a faster connection to the Internet when you use your iPad to check email, download songs from iTunes, or chat on Facebook  or Twitter. This makes the Mozilla firefox for iPad download a great benefit because it is exactly the same as the version that you can use on a laptop or desktop, just optimized to work on a mobile device.  It can still do the same things and access the very same websites that you can get to or use with the laptop version of Firefox.

Firefox for iPad gives you faster Internet access

With the Firefox for iPad you can easily play games, music, or other Internet centric events and it has many different features. These include Java, a flash app for iPad and opera for iPad, along with the other things that the regular version of Firefox can do. Firefox for iPad allows much faster web surfing, which means getting on your favorite YouTube movie quicker or being able to browse sales pages, or post a note on Twitter, etc, much quicker than ever before. After you install the Firefox for iPad you will also get access to any future updates. It solves the problem many iPad users had since the old iPad browser didn’t have flash for iPad, and this makes Firefox for iPad a superior browser. Plus, the Firefox for iPad lets you be able to download tool bars from Yahoo or Google and get some of the popular add-ons like Xmarks and Adlblock Plus. Firefox for iPad also features private Internet browsing option, an Adobe Reader plug in so you can read PDF files, and it all has been approved by Apple! It is available for download in the Apple iTunes apps store free for both iPad and the iPhone. Just logon to the iTunes apps store for Apple devices and find the program and then download and install it per the included directions. It’s an easy and quick process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time! Sync up all your other Firefox settings with Firefox for iPad – The file is called FireFox Home app. It lets users not only download it, but they can then sync up any bookmarks, tabs or history from their other Firefox browser gadgets. This makes the Firefox for iPad browser even more special to all iPad and iPhone users! In order to do this function, however, you will also need to download the Sync add on for the Firefox for iPad app. Once you have downloaded Firefox for iPad and then the Sync add on for it, then you will be able to upload your settings to the cloud and then access it for your iPad and iPhone devices. When you activate it then it will go to the cloud and get the information via your Safari browser settings. This saves time since you won’t have to reenter what could be dozens of your favorite websites.

Firefox for iPad browser is launching now at the iTunes apps store

It’s not going to be hard to find and download the new Firefox for iPad browser for your iPad devices or iPhone devices. It can easily be found and downloaded at the Apple iTunes apps store. This brand new approved browser is expected to become one of the top downloads over the next few weeks since the original Mozilla FireFox downloads for laptops and desktops set a record when it came out in most of its latest versions ever since its debut in 2004. It has undergone testing and been shown to allow the iPad and iPhone to access the Internet and various websites quicker and more efficiently than the older Safari browser, so Firefox for iPad is a great benefit to iPad users. Firefox for iPad is actually the very first app that Mozilla has uploaded to the iTunes app store. So, if you want a more efficient and more powerful tool for your iPad or iPhone, then you should download the FireFox for iPad app. The bottom line is that these days the name of the game is speed and the faster you can get online and access the apps and websites that you use in your daily lives, the better off you are, and the new Firefox for iPad is an app that can accomplish that goal for iPad and iPhone users.

Author: Peter Kent


Mozilla Firefox for iPad Download

Free Download of Mozilla Firefox for iPad

Apple iPad is clearly the most popular tablet in the market and accordingly, it provides its fans with the widest set of applications ranging from entertainment and news to video and games. However, the issue of website browsers available on iPad and iPhone has always been a thorny one, especially with Firefox for iPad. The official and default web surfing software on the device happens to be Safari and to a large extent, it can fulfill the ordinary needs. Another browser is Opera but that too has its own limitations. However, there are certain applications that users are not able to use on the device, most importantly Flash content. For this reason, there arises the need of other solutions that can provide people with this facility. Google Chrome for these machines also has its own restrictions.

Mozilla Firefox, along with Chrome, is one of the most popular browsers with a wide range of addons and extensive capabilities. However, due to the restrictions of Apple on its store, Mozilla has not been able to release the iPad and iPhone edition of its website surfing software. The same restrictions have been faced by other free web browsers such as Google Chrome. But there is no need to worry because, although the official edition with full capabilities is not available, there is another edition of the website browser with a similar, although limited, set of applications.

VirtualBrowser: Firefox for iPad

Download Mozilla Firefox for iPad Currently, Firefox for iPad is available for the Apple devices, or idevices, in the form of a virtual experience. This software is called VirtualBrowser and has been doing quite well on mobile devices. The VirtualBrowser or Firefox for iPad was recently launched by Xform Computing and it feels very similar to the desktop version of the website browser, albeit with reduced features. The application has gone through the stages of designing and developing and is now available for the customer of these devices from iTunes Store from where it can be downloaded.

Advantages of Firefox for iPad

There are several advantages that Firefox for iPad brings to your devices since it has specifically been designed to provide you with features of websites that are otherwise not available on the iPad and iPhone. List of features considered important includes the service of Adobe as well as support for various other top Java applications and web surfing extensions. So finally, with the launch of this remarkable website browser, time has come for the users of Apple tablet to upgrade their experience and freely enjoy thousands of interactive websites and applications. With this application, you can now play as many interactive games as you like and from as many resources as you prefer.

Other than the Flash, another important problem on iPad was the unavailability of Java applications. Java is one of the most important and critical requirements for viewing and using interactive content from hundreds of websites over the internet. Not only the entertainment websites but a wide range of educational sites also make extensive use of Java which means that if you cannot use Java on your device, you will not be able to run the content from these websites. An example of such as website is This is one of the most popular education web-site over the internet and it almost solely runs because of Java. Previously there was no native support for Java on iOS.

Mechanism of Firefox for iPad

Hence it seems that times have been changing for iPad fans with the launch of Firefox for iPad which will considerably add to the capabilities. Other than the mentioned flash and Java capabilities, there are various other potential features and add-ons that can you can benefit from while being online. VirtualBrowser has been built on Xform’s AlwaysOnPC cloud app Streaming Platform and it uses a bit indirect mechanism to bring Firefox for iPad on your computer screen. What this means is that running the app on your device, it is actually running virtually in Xform’s Virtual Cloud hosting centers. The whole thing, this means, is a virtual reality.

Regardless of the mechanism and source which Firefox for iPad uses, it provides the kind of awesome features that both home and professional people had been waiting for. You don’t need to search any other applications that can help you use the Flash, Java and other media content on your device. All this will now be at the distance of a single touch on your screen. The overall outlook and design of the browsing app of Firefox for iPad is very similar to the standard edition of the software and you don’t feel any large difference when you view it on small screen. Eventually, more changes will be brought, including other useful social networking features related to Facebook and twitter, and the capabilities will further improve.

The new Firefox for iPad web surfing software, or VirtualBrowser as it is being called, also has support for HTML, Joomla, CSS and various other important factors for developers. The experience of using this remarkable software is just like remotely accessing a device form within your device. Firefox for iPad has been doing pretty well so far and it is not slow either, otherwise that problem is faced by most of the newly launched web solutions. But Firefox for iPad seems to be quite successful on all scores. Perhaps the most important thing for individuals as well as startups is that they have access to a wide range of Firefox extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, themes and similar goodies.

Two Versions of Firefox for iPad

A thing to remember is that there are two versions of Firefox for iPad. One of them is available free for download while the other one has to be purchased. Obviously, the purchased version also contains additional features compared to the free one, although the free is not bad at all for average use, whether you are a simple user or a software builder. Additional features on the premium Firefox for iPad are various options to save the browsing data and unlimited JAVA capabilities. But whether you use the free version of the premium version, Firefox for iPad has certainly opened up new doors of amazing browsing capabilities for the fans of iPad. It is expected that the Firefox website surfing software will turn out to be highly successful among the home as well as office users.

Author: Peter Kent

Updated iTunes U

Updated iTunes U

Apple recently announced some important updates about its iTunes U software and all these amazing updates will soon be available for download for the users of Apple devices such as iPad and iPhones. Among the most noteworthy additions are educational apps which will make the teachers able to use iPad in their classrooms for educational purposes. The new updates of iTunes will be available for downloading starting from July 8. Although there are other features as well, the most talked about are those apps which are related to education.

Assistance for Educators with updated iTunes U

The education app that will be available on the new iTunes U will make it possible for the teachers to create and manage course content directly from the iPad. Content and leaning material will be made available to educators from a variety of popular sources including iWork, iBooks, as well from over 75,000 educational apps that are already part of Apple platform. A distinguishing aspect of the update is that teachers and educators will have the facility of adding their own content such a photos and videos into the courses that that they will create. These photos and video can be taken directly from the camera of the iPad.

Assistance for Students with iTunes U

In addition to these facilities for teachers, the updated iTunes U also bring a few useful features and services for the students. Students will be able to use their iPad for educational purposes such as starting classroom discussions and asking questions directly from their tablets. A special feature called “Discussions” is available for this purpose. Using the same feature, users will be able to automatically follow classroom conversations and start new topics while keeping in touch with the previous ones. This has opened up new doors of opportunities for students who can get increased individual attention and guidance.

updated itunes u app official photoDiscussions going on various forums can be moderated by the teachers to keep the discussion in the proper direction. According to Apple, the main idea behind such apps is to make the learning process more personalized so that every student can get the due attention. The original iTunes U app was launched by Apple back in 2012 and its main purpose was to make educational content easily available to teachers and educators. Eventually, the software was expanded to include e-book creating and digital textbook tools. Now the software will be working more closely with iPad and the services will be more easily available.

Competition of iTunes U

Apple is the first company to make advancement to include educational apps in its software content. Various startups as well as large organizations have taken this route in past. There is a wide range of educational apps for students and teachers already present on Android Market as well as Amazon Store. However, none of them is as interactive and as extensive as the updated iTunes U which has brought the device into the class rooms. Among the new startups that have been doing the same thing, we can include Quipper and Gojimo. Other than learning assistance apps, there are various course management tools available as well.

Apple’s main competition, however, is not with the smaller startups. While some amount of market will be captured by these startups, they will not pose any serious threat to Apple, even in a long run. However, Apple has its main competition in Google and Amazon, particularly the latter. Amazon has done a lot in the educational market with its Kindle Fire tablets and its educational apps assisting in various aspects of learning and management. If Apple adds much more educational content on its iPad, it can neutralize the advantage that Amazon enjoys with its low priced tablets.

Personalized iTunes U Website

A unique aspect of the updated iTunes U is that schools and universities have been given the facility of setting up their iTunes U website which they can customize according to their specific requirements and on which they can place the educational content appropriate for their purposes. Other than creating courses and lessons, teachers will also have the facility of creating tests and quizzes for their students. Students will be able to access theses tests and quizzes from the website and submit it at the same place by logging in through their IDs.

In the official statement that accompanied that announcement of this update, Apple said that education has always been at the forefront of Apple’s endeavors and the new update will be invaluable resource for teachers and students in and outside the classroom. It was further said that by facilitating the creation of educational content right on the iPads, teachers will have increased opportunity of interacting with the students in a more personalized way and would also be able to more effectively deliver the content. The educational services of Apple such as iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager were already gaining steady popularity among the individual and commercial users.

Apple’s Educational Services

Currently, iBooks Textbooks have their reach in 51 markets while this reach is even more for iTunes U Course Manager with 70 markets worldwide. With the addition of the new helpful features on iTunes U, the reach of the educational services of Apple will expand even more. Further, the educational services of iTunes U can now be used to create courses in 69 countries and using the iTunes U app the reach can expand even more. Additionally, another important educational service form Apple is the iBooks Authors app which is already a famous e-book creating tool with over 30,000 multi-touch books already created using it.

The launch of updated iTunes U will significantly enhance the reach and influence of Apple in the educational market on smartphones and tablets. This will perhaps also open up a new path for the competitors to try out more innovation in the domain of educational apps. For the users of iPad, particularly the students and teachers, this is great news since they will be able to use new avenues and channels of education in a more personalized and customized manner, but they also want the Firefox iPad browser. We just have to wait till July 8 to start using all the amazing features of updated iTunes U.

Author: Peter Kent

Apple iOS 8 Cutting Edge Features

Apple iOS 8 A Plethora of Useful Features

Apple recently announced the new version of its famed iOS during the WWDC 2014 event. The operating system will soon be officially launched and there are high expectations about it considering that we will be seeing a lot of new features on it. Other than new apps and features, Apple iOS 8 will also offer better support for the cutting-edge features that have been added to new Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Perhaps the most important of these new features is improved support for Touch ID fingerprint sensor and better Mac integration.

Improved Development Kit for Apple iOS 8

There will be a few interesting software changes on Apple iOS 8 with respect to apps and support for developers. For instance, the development kit will be refined and the new version will allow the developers to run and manage multiple apps on the screen at the same time. This means that multi-tasking capabilities of the new system will be improved. It is about time that Apple launched side-by-side app support on its devices because such a feature already exists on Android devices. Presence of this feature within the Apple iOS 8 will significantly enhance the productivity power of iPad and will improve its position in the tough competition market, but users will still not be able to use the Firefox for iPad web browser.

The new feature will be most useful in the landscape mode. In this mode, users will be able to use two different apps, one on the right side of the display and one on the left side. Although the feature will soon also be available on iPhone, it will not be of very much use on a smaller screen and its main importance will remain on iPad. However, this can change in case Apple decides to increase the display size of iPhone to match the sizes of some leading Android phones. The new version of Apple iOS 8 will also be available for mini iPad as well as fifth generation iPod.

Better Support for Touch ID

Apple iOS 8 PhotoCurrently there are a few problems with the use of Touch ID fingerprint scanner on Apple devices. Till now, it has been limited to bypassing the lock screen and buying iTunes Store content. However, Apple iOS 8 will make the whole thing simpler and will streamline it. With this version, the third party Touch ID authentication will increase in its capabilities and go beyond its previously existing confines. With more streamlined support for Touch ID, you will have much better mechanism of locking and unlocking devices than conventional passwords.

Other than enhanced support for Touch ID, Apple iOS 8 is also geared to offer support for credit card scanning via device camera. This will make online shopping much easier and simpler. However, there is no need to worry about the sensitive financial data getting leaked because only the bank account details will be available to the app developers and more sensitive biometric information will remain secure in the processor. This new support for credit card scanning is certainly great news for people who indulge in a lot of online shopping and frequently have to get their cards scanned.

Improved Calling and Messaging Services

With Apple iOS 8, calling and messaging services will also be significantly improved. Support for SMS and voice service for iPad and Mac devices will certainly be a very important advancement over the previous versions of the operating system. However, Mac users will have to upgrade to a different operating system, OS X Yosemite, but that is also a very simple process. With this new facility, the worth and charm of Apple devices will certainly be enhanced. In particular, more users will be downloading and benefiting from the excellent iMessages service of Apple. In addition to that, new OS version will allow seamless and better synchronization between different Apple devices.

Group messaging is another important aspect of software features that you will see in improved form on Apple iOS 8. Adding and dropping people from the ongoing conversations will be made simpler and you will also be able to silent the unwanted incoming calls with the special Do Not Disturb toggle. Along with better voice and video services, you will also have the ability share you current location for a fixed period of time. This facility will be synchronized with the iMessages app and thus have increased capabilities.

Improved Cloud Services

Cloud sharing, storage, and synchronization services of Apple will be further improved with iOS 8. Previously, users had little reason to prefer Apple’s 5GB cloud storage over other better cloud services such as Dropbox. While the free storage limit will remain 5GB on the new version, there will be a lot more support for different data formats for documents, spreadsheets, images and other data types. With the better synchronization services, pictures that you will edit on the iOS photos app will be saved across all the Apple devices automatically. But this is not the entire thing and in addition to that, you will also have several new and useful tools and filters for image management and editing.

Improved Keyboard Features

Other important and noteworthy features that will be made part of Apple iOS 8 are keyboard features and extensions. The Quicktype features on the new keyboard will make texting and typing a breezy process. The new keyboard has been called the smartest keyboard ever by Apple so obviously anticipation for it is quite high. Word suggestions and other keyboard services will be seen in better form and every suggestion will take into account whether you are typing an email or texting. There will also be various extensions with better input methods that you will be able to use with the keyboard.

There will be increase freedom about the third party applications and services on Apple iOS 8. Third party applications will affect every area of operations including picture management and sharing, notifications, widgets, video and audio and messaging etc. With all these and other cutting-edge features in store for the users of the new version of Apple iOS 8, everybody is looking forward to the launch. So far Apple has not announced the official release date of the operating system and while developers can get their hands on it, common users will probably have to wait for a while before they would be able to use it.

Author: Peter Kent

iPad Air 2 The Second Generation

iPad Air 2 way ahead of the competition

Among the most anticipated devices of this year is Apple’s second generation version of iPad Air called iPad Air 2. Apple tablet is the most advanced and addictive tablet available in the market at present and so the anticipation for it is naturally very high. The company launched the first “air” version of the computer last year and it was significantly thin compared to all previous versions. This critical change in the physical structure reduced its weight and made its access easier and even though the competition from other tech giants is quite tough, we can safely say that iPad Air 2 is still alive and running.


Release Date of iPad Air 2

There are a lot of things that have become a source of rumors and speculations about the new devices, as usual. For instance, this includes the applications on the new computer, the functionality that it allows along with its physical structure and attire, its common features with the previous version, display, designs, costs, its software contents etc. However, the first thing to consider is its release date. So far, there is no official information regarding the release date. It is expected that Apple will launch iPad Air 2 in the third quarter of this year which is not very far.

Technical Specifications: Display and Design

iPad Air 2 PhotoRegarding the specs of the iPad Air 2 computer, the first thing to consider is its display and design. The thickness of the computer will
most probably remain the same because the previous version is quite thin which makes it easy to handle and we don’t need anything exotic. The size of iPad Air was 9.7-inches along with physical dimensions of 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches and we don’t expect much of a change and anything extra on this front with the new iPad Air 2 . The feel of the computer will remain pretty much the same.

As for the display, we had the famous Retina display on the previous version with HD resolution of 2048 x 153 pixels. This is better than competitors like Microsoft, HP and others and there will hardly be any change in the screen resolution on the iPad Air 2. Display has also been among the finest factors on Apple computer such as iPhone and iPod mobile devices. On this resolution, it is a delight to use any app, native as well as third party, particularly if it involves graphics, and to browse web pages, PDF documents and files. Among the modern mobile devices, this display is easily the best in the market.

Software Specs: New Version of iOS and Apps

The light structure makes the device easy to handle for the users and people who found the previous version useful will most probably find the new one as well. On the software front, the first thing to consider is the OS running on the iPad Air 2 tablet. The new iOS has been announced, called iOS 7.1.1 and it will be running on Mac, iPhone, iPad and all Apple devices. There will be a lot of new features for connection and app usage, download, email, browsing, host of new applications, and a lot more things on the new version that we can look forward to. Exact information, however, is not available so far. We also would like to see support for the Firefox for iPad browser with the new iOS edition.

Considering the range of new applications that will be available on this second generation version of iPad Air 2, we can expect new and exciting apps related to photo sharing, social networking, native capabilities, party roaming, printing, text facilities, touch capabilities, third party apps, wireless connection, page and document downloading, file viewing, application running, network access, other than all the traditional apps. The new OS will also bring enhanced WiFi connecting and using capabilities. Easier and more advanced remote connection capabilities might also be part of it and will fit nicely with the new iPad Air 2. But just like other app and specs details, details about the new apps and features of the new OS are also scanty.

TouchID Sensor and A8 Processor

An exciting new feature that can expect on iPad Air 2 is TouchID fingerprint sensor and its app. This feature has already been made part of iPhone so naturally people are looking forward to seeing it on iPad Air 2 as well. It would hardly affect the cost or built and would enhance the capabilities of the system. With the new settings of TouchID fingerprint sensor, it will be a delight to browse apps and use the device. The remote access capabilities that might be part of the new device will also result in secure connection for servers along with SSH capabilities to save data, other than tight security and better setup.

TouchID fingerprint sensor on iPad requires no additional hardware capabilities but still, we will be seeing the A8 processor on the upcoming iPad Air 2, up from A7 processor on the previous iPad. The new version of iOS will expand the app store for users and will more efficiently protect against unauthorized access. If you bought and used the previous version with its attires and casual and core features, you will find things better on the new version, although the exact nature of the canon of changes on iPad is still in the dark. It is also not clear whether there would be different colors, like black and white, or if the iPad Air 2 will be available only in one color.

Multi-Tasking and Price

An important new feature on the new version of OS will be split-screen multitasking for users. This will make easier for users of iPad Air 2 to adjust to multiple tasks and app usage at the same time and will provide a fresh change free of any hassle. While we might not expect many changes related to Linux or other open source enterprises, we can expect more streamlined connections and app handling of iPad with Windows desktop which will pay off your dollars. Improved icon display, FTP connections, colored graphics, archive management, management of photos, paired tasking, app using, third party apps, monitor handling etc. can be expected with the new iOS version on the iPad Air 2.

The previous version of iPad Air has only one connector for USB and other peripheral device like printer etc. It would be nice if Apple follows the example of Microsoft Surface and adds more outlets on the iPad Air 2. If users want, they can buy the plastic bag for the iPad separately later on. So basically, there will be nothing remanufactured on the device and only some nice software and hardware changes. As for the price, it will probably remain on the same level with the previous iPad. The price started from $499 for 16GB version and went up to $799 for 128GB version. A lot of information about the upcoming iPad Air 2 is still sealed and in vacuum but hopefully things will be clear pretty soon.

Author: Peter Kent


iPad Mini 3 released in coming months

iPad Mini 3

Just like iPhone is the leading smartphone, iPad is the flagship tablet of Apple and easily the most popular tablet computer in the world. Over the last couple of years, Apple has also been releasing a mini version of the tablet along with the standard one. This mini version is only small in size with same appearance and style and more affordable price. Most of the applications are also pretty similar. Third generation version of iPad mini 3 is to be released within the next few months and accordingly, the rumor mill is in full swing these days. However, so far Apple has not given out much official details about the much awaited device.

Release Date of iPad Mini 3

Release date of iPad Mini 3 is also a source of much speculations. Previously it was thought that it would be released during the third quarter of this year but now the sources have revealed that the customers will have to wait for a bit more time. However, it will definitely be released this year and you would finally be able to get your hands on it before the end of 2014. While not much is known about the technical specs of the iPad Mini 3, details about features will continue to be unveiled in the coming days. The birthday of previous two devices has fallen in the month of November so you might have to wait till then to buy it. Timing for new Apple devices has always been important for the users.

Name of the Device

An important feature about the new device is its name. The convention of using the names along the lines iPad 1, iPad 2 is not official and is only used by the industry sources for their own convenience. Apple called its tablets iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, and iPad Air. So we can expect that the company will continue to follow this convention and we will have some new name and not just iPad Mini 3. But regardless of the name, the thing that matter most is the technical specifications and features of the gadget.

Expected Features of the iPad Mini 3

There are a lot of expectations about the feature set of the new gadget, although it would not be wise to keep the bar to too high for iPad Mini 3. This is because while Apple does add exciting new functionality to the standard iPad, the mini version usually gets less attention. In the previous year, this was the case when only Retina Display resolution was added to the device without other noteworthy changes. The new iPad Mini 3 is expected to be light with the look of iPad Air and this would certainly give the company an edge over its competitors such as Samsung Galaxy Note and Amazon tablets. iPad is still winning but the day when the others catch up don’t seem far either.


TouchID Sensor

iPad Mini 3 New PhotoWhen it comes to the specs of the gadget, perhaps the most important expectation of the clients is TouchID sensor. This feature already is part of Apple devices, including iPad Air, so naturally the expectations of the people are that the company also offers it on the iPad Mini 3 version. If you are provided with this exciting new specification, it will make unlocking of the device, using of apps, and browsing much easier and fun. The sensor provides increased facility of easy browsing and navigation. Other than this major addition in the iPad Mini 3 specs, there might be a few minor changes here and there.

For instance, we can expect a few changes in the speed and communication strategies of the new gadget. On the other hand, it would be hard to expect any changes in battery, space and storage GB because memory is something that hardly changes on Apple devices. Usually it will be at the same level as the previous versions. In near future, we might have a new battery and charging mechanism, but that would hardly happen just now. Given the fact that iPad Mini 3 might be as thin as the standard iPad Air, we can see it losing some weight. This will bring about various changes in its physical structure and chassis etc., but that hardly has anything to do with the technical specifications of the device.

Reports have suggested that Apple has reserved most of its time for the development of iPad Air 2 while leaves less time for iPad Mini 3. Whilst this might be true, this does not mean that there would not be any powerful new function on the mini version. We might see improvements in the processor and the camera. Actually, strategy about these two specs does need to be improved. Ideas about these specs have been circulating over the internet and people are certainly expecting improvements on these fronts. If both these specs are improved, this would certainly be a gift from Apple to its fans.

The company also needs to take into account the increasing competition in the domain of smaller tablets. The competition is getting aggressive by each passing instant and Samsung and Google are particularly proceeding with impressive pace. All the angles of technical and physical specs are a source of comparison. It would be nice to see some improvements on the software side as well with the iPad Mini 3. We could have some new personal, premium and business apps along with better wi-fi capabilities. A thing to understand is that Apple keeps the details about its new gadgets fully secret. This has happened all the previous times and this is happening now too.

In the wake of iPad Air 2, a lot less attention is being paid to iPad Mini 3. This is just like an auction where the item with a higher bid is valued more. The bidders here are the users and auctions are for the devices. Everyone bids higher for the standard version so naturally it gets more bidding and thus more attention. Like other things, price details are also in the dark but you will probably have to pay the same kind of money for the new version of iPad Mini 3. Additional money will have to be shelled out for leather bags for the device.

Author: Peter Kent